Addiction & Recovery

Managing addictions cannot be a “one size fits all” approach. That’s why at 26Health, we help you build a custom plan for your recovery. Having experience with or being a part of the LGBTQ+ community means our counselors understand attendant issues that may be complicating your addiction. We incorporate these into your recovery plan with the goal of helping you set an ideal recovery time. 

The LGBTQ+ Community and Addiction

People in our LGBTQ+ community often face discrimination, exclusion, social stigma, and other challenges encountered less often or differently by heterosexual and cisgender communities. These stressors can often be accompanied by bullying, harassment, and even violence — and can exacerbate the mental health challenges that lead to alcohol and drug addiction. Recognizing these roots is critical to customizing your plan to overcome your addictions. 

Finding Your Why

Patients come to us for addiction and recovery treatment with the knowledge that something is no longer working. There’s a point that you realize addiction — any addiction, whether it be alcohol, pills, shopping, sex or some combination — is compromising your life and your plans for the future. To successfully trade your addiction for that better life and future, we have to identify the relationships, goals, and dreams that mean the world to you. These are your personal “why” for doing the work to manage or eliminate your addiction.

Management of Addiction

We help you develop a structure to manage your addiction your way. For instance, abstinence from alcohol may be right for some, but reducing the amount of alcohol you’re drinking may dramatically impact your life in a positive way. After we identify your motivations to change, we prepare a plan that will minimize addiction behaviors and maximize the positive elements in your life as defined by your why.

Knowing You’re Ready

One of the most important factors in overcoming addiction is knowing you’re ready to trade the negatives of addiction for the positives that will fulfill your vision for your future. We’ll start there — and help you move forward into an addiction-free life.

26Health of Orlando will help you identify the relationships, goals, and dreams that mean the world to you, so you can break free from addiction.