Men’s Healthcare

Health Care for All Men

We pride ourselves in offering range of healthcare services – in-person and virtual – for all our male and gender expansive patients. Our providers offer expertise for your unique health needs from sexual health to chronic disease prevention.

Prostate Care

As you age, prostate care becomes a critical part of your overall wellness. We see patients for prostate cancer screenings.

Hypogonadism / Low Testosterone

Hypogonadism, a condition which impairs production of testosterone, can cause serious
issues, such as a decrease in energy and sex drive, depression, and infertility. We’ll help you create a treatment plan, which can include testosterone replacement therapy.

Low Libido 

A decrease in libido can happen to men’s sexual health of any age. Low libido can be related to a drop in testosterone, or it could also be connected to another underlying cause. We’ll help you get to the root of the issue, treat you with testosterone therapy if necessary, and troubleshoot any medications that might be contributing to the problem.

Erectile Dysfunction

We’ll perform a full physical and psychological exam to diagnose ED and develop a plan of treatment. If we determine there are other health issues causing your erectile dysfunction, we can prescribe lab tests and refer you to our trusted network of specialists.

Men’s Sexual Health

Confidential STI testing and treatment are available here.

Colonoscopies—Initial Evaluation

We provide referrals for Gastrointestinal screenings.

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