Language Access and Transportation Services at 26Health

Language and transportation should not be barriers to good health. Learn how our accessible language and transportation services ensure that you receive care in your most comfortable language and can transport you to our clinic when you need it.

Sometimes the obstacles to getting good healthcare can be purely logistical. Not having access to medical interpretation services so that you receive care in your preferred language or not finding transportation to your medical provider can be barriers to prioritizing your health. Stack that on top of other barriers to care– previous experiences with poor bedside manner, intimidation or lack of empathy to your particular needs, even intimidation and microaggressions– and you’ve got a stew of problems that can make the heartiest of us say, “I give up.”

We don’t want you to feel that way. So 26Health asked patients:

What would be most helpful to getting you the healthcare you need?

And the top two answers were: to speak medical jargon plainly in “my language,” not just plain English, and to help find transportation to the clinic.

Medical Interpretation Services

Even when a doctor and patient speak the same primary language, medical terminology can make communicating difficult. If a patient has limited English proficiency, then the problem becomes amplified: filling out basic medical forms, communicating symptoms to a physician, learning about a diagnosis, and following a treatment plan are far more challenging. This makes it critical for healthcare providers to minimize the risk of a misunderstanding. 

26Health knows that a person can better connect with their medical professionals when care is served in their language. This eliminates any gray areas about diagnoses and treatment plans, and results in an overall improvement in the connection between patient and provider.

Our medical interpretation services, offered free of charge, make diverse language and communication options available so that we can better connect with, understand, and treat our patients. We offer services in various spoken languages and American Sign Language via medical interpreters.

While the majority of local residents speak only English, 26Health cares for the full 100%. Within a mile of our Orlando city centerpiece Lake Eola, dozens of languages are spoken.

25% of Orlando speaks multiple languages or no English at all. From Portuguese to Polish, Vietnamese to Swahili, Orlando is incredibly diverse. We’re here to help bridge the language gap to facilitate the highest quality medical care. 

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Our bi-cultural and bilingual staff (some are fluent in Español, Portuguese & Kreyòl) are available to meet the language needs of our patients and clients. 26Health offers medical interpretation and translation services in and out of Central Florida, meeting the needs of local and remote patients.


Getting to a clinic for care can be an obstacle if you don’t have reliable transportation. 26Health has developed a partnership with Lyft to provide rides to and from our offices for patients who don’t have one. We cover transportation based on a sliding scale. This scale means anyone up to 300% over the Federal Poverty Level can get free or reduced-cost medical transportation to see us for their medical care. 

At 26Health, we’re working hard to decrease the barriers that our patients encounter so they can get the care they need.

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