Family Practice

26Health’s family practice can care for every member of your family. Learn more about our wellness visits, in-house lab, and chronic and acute healthcare services for kids, adults, and seniors.

26Health started as a practice focused on LGBTQ+ health. But the inclusive, judgment-free, and integrative care approach of 26Health created the opportunity for referrals to our family practice, bringing us numerous allies. Our community outreach led us to even more underserved communities needing comprehensive medical care.

This means you can now turn to our 26Health family practice for all of your family’s medical needs. We provide you with a full range of family health physicals for adults and children, like school physicals for your kids. Add to that an in-house lab and a family of providers with extensive specialized training in areas like endocrinology; heart health; acute and chronic disease; disease prevention; and cancer screening, and you get a one-stop shop for nearly all of your medical care.

And that’s important for both your health and your finances. Costs will never stand in the way of you receiving the treatment you and your family need. We are committed to serving uninsured and under-insured patients and the patients in at-risk communities who have found us. When patients visit 26Health family practice, they will be seen by professionals who are experienced in the medical field and are connected with our LGBTQ+ community.  

Patients can count on providers treating health conditions–and people–without judgment. The unique medical needs of the LGBTQ+ community are what made 26Health the safest space for healthcare in Central Florida. The natural expansion that has brought allies and families to 26Health means a well-rounded family practice for all.

Comprehensive Care, Under One Inclusive Roof

Don’t expect to come to 26Health family practice and leave with a Band-Aid for your ailment. 26Health is focused instead on the prevention of disease and managing or even reversing chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes. Yes, we treat acute conditions, but with a holistic approach that will include both medical care and plans for wellness like dietary support, fitness programs, and mental health.

Primary Care: Essential for Good Health

At 26Health, that primary care starts with regular wellness visits and follow-up on chronic and acute conditions. Our primary care practice serves all ages and we offer many services in-house, like:

  • Management of endocrinology patients with medication and lifestyle recommendations
  • A similar approach to the management of heart disease and hypertension 
  • Management of chronic and acute conditions
  • Well visits and preventive care
  • Sick visits and telehealth appointments for your convenience
  • Medication management across all health issues 
  • An in-house lab to draw blood and send it to lab services at Quest and LabCorp

When you need specialized primary care

It’s important to note that our family practice providers all have a specialty area of care. Add to that our in-house lab, and we can do comprehensive workups on the most common conditions. 

That said, sometimes a specialist is important. 

We partner with an imaging center that helps us detect issues like cancer, thyroid disease, and heart conditions, then make treatment recommendations or specialist referrals. We also partner with many specialists who provide services outside of our practice but will work with our patients on a similar sliding payment scale. We’re also expanding our specialty staff and services on an ongoing basis. 

Primary Care: Education is Everything

We focus on education as a key to optimal health and positive outcomes. You educate us on your comprehensive history. Lab work tells more of your story. And then we educate you on your condition, treatments and medications, and manageable goals for a lifestyle change. 

Because of that two-way education, we are proud that 90% of our patients develop a long-term relationship with us, sticking to their medication compliance and wellness practices and becoming part of the 26Health “family.”

Can we help your family practice total wellness?