Disease Prevention & Management

26Health is focused on combating disease before disease takes you down. The focus on disease prevention is a trend 26Health has fully embraced, a cornerstone of our integrated care approach. We believe prevention is always better than cure!

Disease Prevention Means Being Proactive

Which diseases are most preventable? 

As our Associate Director of Clinical Services says, “All of them.” 

She was joking of course, but even the diseases we can’t prevent are more easily treated if caught very early.

The professionals at 26Health encourage patients not to assume that the traditional, statistical recommendations for preventive care services are all they need. For example, if you’re a woman for whom Pap tests are indicated every three years, but you have past issues or genetic predisposition to cancer, your 26Health care professional may still want you to have a Pap smear every year.

Similar recommendations may be needed for those with family histories that include hypertension or diabetes –you may need more frequent checks and balances on your preventive plans. And while our recommendations often include medication, they also incorporate our integrated approach to wellness designed to prevent disease: diet, fitness, mental health, and more.

Preventive Care Services

26Health offers a suite of medical services that are focused on preventive care. Labs and bloodwork, STI screenings, pap tests, and bone density studies are all 26Health services that most patients should consider when discussing their history with their primary care provider.  Also, family histories may indicate you need other types of prevention screenings like a prostate check or a CT scan for pulmonary issues.

Some services–like mammograms and colonoscopies–may be referred out. However, 26Health works with partners to ensure both treatment plans and costs are in alignment with your preventive care. Your personal Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) will be your central connection to ensure all of your providers are in sync.

Prevention is About Education and Compliance

The preventive care education program is a two-way street. As a patient, you will educate your primary care provider on all the personal traits, from your family history to a day in the life of your diet, that can help you prevent disease. In turn, your 26Health provider will educate you on treatments, medications, and wellness plans that could help prevent any disease to which you’re predisposed. 

Because after education comes compliance, we stay with you throughout the process. You need to be committed to putting in place the plans you and your provider agree to. We’ll follow up and remind you to maintain your focus on prevention. 

And that’s because we never want you to have to find a cure to a disease that could have been prevented.

Do you agree prevention is better than a cure?