About Us

The 26Health mission is to improve mind-body-spirit health in Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ and ally community. Learn how we started, and where we’re going.

Our Mission

The 26Health mission is to improve mind-body-spirit health in Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ and ally community.

Our Vision

The vision of 26Health is to offer quality care and services for all Central Floridians regardless of their ability to pay. 26Health is a comprehensive wellness community that includes affordable healthcare, mental health care, a drug discount program, adoption services, aesthetic services, and more.

Our Story

Central Florida is home to many hospitals, doctor’s offices, and wellness centers of all kinds. So why would we need another? The answer is clear: until 2011, when 26Health was founded as a non-profit, 501c3 corporation, Orlando did not have a multidisciplinary healthcare system to meet the complete needs of the LGBTQ+ and ally community.

Dr. David Baker-Hargrove answered this call by nurturing a vision that originated with a private psychotherapy practice. Dr. David and husband Robert Baker-Hargrove understood that addressing the wellness community’s unmet needs would help LGBTQ+ individuals and families thrive, and ultimately transform lives. These insights paired with the resourceful development of multidisciplinary programs led to the 26Health of today: an integrated state-of-the-art center that fosters resilience, strength, connection, health equity, and wellness for everyone in Central Florida.

Our Values


At 26Health, you come first. We recognize the need to earn and keep your business. Your experience as a patient is at the center of our operations and guides the constant evolution of the 26Health mission.


Our goal is to provide best-in-class health care to diverse populations: Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ and ally community. So that we can deliver these services with empathy and understanding, our professional, experienced, and qualified staff is as diverse as our patients. We are transgender, gay, bisexual, Black, Hispanic, female, gender non-conforming, and single-parent — and all generations of workers are represented here.


We believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. While we provide services to those with insurance or the ability to pay, we also have developed accessibility plans for those with little or no income. We also accept investments from the community, along with government and foundation services grants to help offset the costs of providing services to those without the ability to pay.

Our Wellness Community

The 26Health staff attends wellness community and health fairs, meet regularly with other LGBTQ+ healthcare providers who understand the 26Health mission, and coordinate partnerships with other LGBTQ+ focused community-based organizations such as: