About Us

We are a non-profit organization that provides care for underserved communities and fights for health equity. Regardless of ability to pay, we believe that healthcare services should be accessible to all. 

Our Mission

To provide accessible care and shared humanity for the community, rooted in our LGBTQIA+ heritage, lineage and history.

Our Vision

We lead with compassion and provide solutions that overcome barriers to care. 26Health is a comprehensive wellness community that includes affordable healthcare, mental health care, a drug discount program, adoption services, aesthetic services, and more.

Our Story

Our Principles

We Are One

We Believe You Matter 

We Work for the Community 

We Never Give Up 

We are Results-Oriented

We are Pro Health & Social Equity

Our Wellness Community

The 26Health staff attends wellness community and health fairs, meet regularly with other LGBTQ+ healthcare providers who understand the 26Health mission, and coordinate partnerships with other LGBTQ+ focused community-based organizations such as: