26Health takes ADD and ADHD seriously. Our comprehensive support includes a treatment plan individualized to you, telehealth or in-person visits, CBT, and counseling.

“My friends say I have ADHD, but I don’t.
Oh, look–a chicken.” 

The memes, t-shirt slogans, and jokes around ADD and ADHD are everywhere. And even worse, skepticism around the diagnoses of ADD and ADHD is everywhere too.

To those suffering from ADD and ADHD, however, this is no laughing matter. ADD and ADHD are far from made-up diagnoses. 

ADD and ADHD symptoms can impact a person’s ability to achieve their ambitions in school or at work. It can be detrimental to relationships. And without management, it can dramatically reduce a person’s quality of life. From missed appointments to unmet goals to the comorbidities of anxiety or depression that ADD and ADHD often create, it is a condition that deserves better than jokes or skepticism.

We Take ADD and ADHD Seriously

At 26Health, we take a diagnosis of ADD and ADHD symptoms seriously. That said, we also don’t think an ADD and ADHD diagnosis has to cripple or define an adult or child, which can happen without the right support and treatment plan. We also believe an ADD and ADHD diagnosis should be the result of a comprehensive medical history, a discussion of current concerns and symptoms, and assessment tools that separate ADD and ADHD from more general distractibility, which is not a medical diagnosis. 

With behavioral modification therapies, mindfulness practices, diet and activity plans, and yes, even medication when warranted, children, teens, and adults with ADD and ADHD symptoms can live hugely productive lives. They can also capitalize on some of the many positive qualities often expressed by people with ADHD: massive creativity, high intelligence, astounding problem solving, critical thinking skills, and more.

Your ADD and ADHD is as Unique as You Are

When we sit down with you to help you or your child manage an ADD and ADHD diagnosis, we start with a comprehensive evaluation. One of the most important questions in that evaluation will be:

How is ADD and ADHD impacting your life?

From that assessment, we can uncover any underlying issues that may impact how ADD and ADHD is affecting you. Adults with a late diagnosis of ADD and ADHD symptoms will often have prior trauma from being singled out at school or work. A child may be having significant problems with teachers or other authority figures. (Please note: 26Health will treat those under 18 for ADD and ADHD with a confirmed diagnosis from a specialist.) A patient may present symptoms of depression or anxiety that have developed due to unmanaged ADD and ADHD symptoms. Other patients may have developed unhealthy coping mechanisms like self-medication or substance abuse.

Conversely, we sometimes find that patients have developed healthy coping mechanisms like diet and exercise programs or mindfulness practices that are helping their ADD and ADHD, but are just not enough.

Your Treatment Plan is as Unique as You Are

Your first meeting with us will be an assessment to develop an individualized plan of care that will be reassessed at every visit. These ongoing visits will vary in frequency and/or may be combined with other therapies and medication follow-up appointments. Telehealth visits and electronic prescribing are very efficient and help to prevent the issues of missed appointments and running out of medication.

And if you haven’t already implemented them, self-care practices are part of the treatment plan and are critical to effective ADD and ADHD management. A mindfulness practice combined with an appropriate nutrition and exercise plan can benefit the ADD and ADHD patient. Cognitive behavior therapies, such as the development of effective time-management skills and identifying any negative thoughts or beliefs about the self, have been proven effective and can minimize the amount of medication needed to meet your treatment goals. 

We can help with those too: regular interaction with a therapist, counselor, or accountability partner can ensure compliance to those practices.

Would your life improve with comprehensive support for your ADD and ADHD symptoms?