The Every Letter Health Equity Fund

In a world of rapid change where healthcare and social rights are being denied, underinsured and underserved communities are growing exponentially. We are allies of communities affected by systemic biases, delivering vital services that ensure no person in need gets left behind. We are with EVERY letter.

That’s why we created the 26Health Every Letter Health Equity Fund. We are now accepting direct donations to fund services and programs that support the health and wellness of Central Florida’s uninsured, two groups that have grown exponentially.

How do your donations go to work?

Your donations are directed to urgent healthcare services, food provisions, costly treatments, and medications that members of our community need and can’t afford to pay for themselves. This is the care they often forego to put food on the table, look after minors, pay their rent, keep their lights on and more. 

How do your donations work at 26Health

Here’s an example of your donation in action, an annual wellness exam blood panel is approx. $150. Our patients pay $7. This leaves a $143 balance which you can help to fulfill.  Why? 

Because to a patient, $143 could pay for food for their family that will last a couple of weeks, something which they cannot do without. A donation of $1,430 would help 10 people in our community receive life-saving information from a blood panel to prevent the spread of a serious disease.

About Giving to 26Health

26Health is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For information about our non-profit status, please contact our Development Department at 321-800-2922. 26Health is listed with Guidestar.org, an organization devoted to connecting philanthropists with up-to-date and accurate information on non-profits.