The Every Letter Health Equity Fund

26Health’s Every Letter Health Equity Fund is our annual fund that helps us fulfill our
mission. The fund assists us in closing the gap for the underinsured and defraying barriers in health care.

We’re committed to reaching everyone in the Central Florida region through 26Health’s healthcare services. From our origins serving Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ community, we have grown to reach our many allies in other communities, truly caring for every letter. Through our outreach programs, we have found underinsured and underserved communities and expanded our mission to deliver comprehensive healthcare services that ensure no person in need–no letter–gets left behind.

That’s why we created the 26Health Every Letter Health Equity Fund. We are now accepting direct donations to fund services and programs that support the health and wellness of Central Florida’s uninsured, two groups that have grown exponentially.

How do your donations go to work?

Your donations care for every letter: the money you give goes toward healthcare services for the uninsured, under-insured, marginalized, and under-served members of the Orlando community. That’s an important concept, but concepts can feel vague.

So let’s get literal. To be clear, your donations directly pay for desperately needed healthcare services, physician services, professional medical care, costly treatments, and medications that members of our community need and can’t afford to pay for themselves. This is the care they often forego to pay rent, put food on the table, or make payments on a car to get to a job that barely sustains them, much less provides for medical care or wellness programs.

How do your donations work at 26Health

To give a concrete example: an annual wellness exam blood panel is around $150. Our patients pay $7. 

That $143 savings can make a car payment or a utility bill, or provide a couple of weeks of food. 

But that $143 balance? We look to our donors to make up that difference. 

So a $1430 donation helps 10 living, breathing, in-need members of our community get the potentially life-saving information a standard blood panel offers: indicators of heart, liver, or other serious diseases like anemia or some cancers. 

We perform around 22 blood panels every week.

This means we need $3146 each week to fund that care.

Your donations make an impact at 26Health

Your donations make an impact on real people

  • A one-time $10 donation sponsors one patient’s participation in a virtual or in-person support group
  • An annual, recurring donation of $10/month (or a one-time donation of $120) covers the cost of an individual’s annual wellness visit plus most of the cost of a second visit
  • $50 provides a counseling session for a patient contributing 50% of the cost on our sliding scale
  • $75 will pay for a telehealth visit with a physician for an uninsured patient
  • $100 will pay for an in-person visit with a physician for an uninsured patient.

All contributions matter. Every donation counts. 

And please don’t forget, supporting 26Health’s healthcare services can be good for your business as well, creating visibility for your business in our newsletter, on our website and social media, at in-person events, and even through naming opportunities for key spaces and programs in our clinic. Make sure to ask us about sponsorship opportunities on an enterprise scale.

A legacy of giving: supporting Pulse survivors

Besides our regular services to the general public, 26Health provides services to individuals affected by the Pulse nightclub massacre, free of charge. Your donations can have a critical impact on the care Pulse-affected patients need.

Pulse survivors donations

About Giving to 26Health

26Health is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For information about our non-profit status, please contact our Development Department at 321-800-2922. 26Health is listed with Guidestar.org, an organization devoted to connecting philanthropists with up-to-date and accurate information on non-profits.