Psychiatric Evaluations

What Happens During an Evaluation

You will experience an hour-long, one-on-one consultation with our specialist where we discuss your medical history and previous treatments, family medical history and what your current medical issues and mental health support needs are. Then we work to provide you an individualized plan that may include services such as behavioral therapy and medical treatments, but will also look at diet, activity, supplements and what has worked and what hasn’t in support of your medical and mental health. We even consider the financial impact of treatment plans. You will always be provided with a full set of options.

Psychiatric Medication Management

We offer psychiatric medication treatment and management tools to ensure your health is supported by a plan uniquely personalized to you. Remember, we always collaborate with you to address your needs. We are here to discuss, recommend, and prescribe medications; supporting your choices in implementing your treatment plan. Our team will continue to ensure your psychiatric medication management is working for you in every way. Your expectations are a powerful part of the plan, based on a relationship of trust with our team that is open and judgment-free.

Ready for a 360° evaluation to determine the source of mental health symptoms?