Psychiatric Evaluations

As a comprehensive care provider, 26Health psychiatric evaluations are offered in support of your Mental Health services. Psychiatric evaluations help us to assess whether treating parallel medical issues or prescribing medications may be beneficial to your mental health treatment program. 

Medical Evaluation: Part of a 360° Plan

At 26Health, your psychiatric evaluation is an hour-long visit where we discuss your medical history and previous treatments, family medical history and what your current medical issues and mental health support needs are. Then we work to provide you an individualized plan that may include services such as behavioral therapy and medical treatments, but will also look at diet, activity, supplements and what has worked and what hasn’t in support of your medical and mental health. We even consider the financial impact of treatment plans in relation to your concerns there. Our psychiatric health team likes to say, “You’re the captain of the ship and we are here to support you.”

A Medical Plan to Support Mental Health

Often, 26Health psychiatric evaluations with a full medical background and appropriate tests can find underlying issues that are impacting your mental health. Our goal is to uncover root causes to properly identify the origins of mental health symptoms you are experiencing. 

Non-Prescription Path for Mental Health Symptoms

For example, we treated a patient who was reportedly feeling foggy and experiencing periods of forgetfulness and mental fatigue. Her bloodwork revealed she had severe malnourishment, and correcting her diet eliminated her mental health symptoms. 

Prescription Path

On the other hand, people of all ages with chronic mental health conditions such as ADHD can be easily distracted and struggle with completing everyday tasks. ADHD symptoms are often improved with the right course of medications. 

26Health psychiatric evaluations can provide you with a full set of options to improve your mental health plan. Treatment may include medication, a mix of medication and other approaches, or no medication at all. 

Ready for a 360° evaluation to determine the source of mental health symptoms?