Relationship & Family Therapy

Even the most loving relationships can have challenges that require relationship and family therapy. Family and romantic relationships can be challenged by outside factors like work, finances, or the effects of a global pandemic. Internal issues can include parenting, communications, emotional issues, and more.

Relationship therapy can help you resolve interpersonal conflicts that arise in a romantic relationship. Family therapy can give families a space to address their concerns, be heard, and resolve conflicts. So you may ask yourself:

Could my relationships benefit from therapy?

26Health offers a range of relationship and family therapy including talk therapy, counseling, and support groups.

Relationship Therapy

Our therapists’ goal is to help you, your spouse or your partner – or partners – grow. We support your romantic relationships in daily practice, offering guidance on ways to engage with each other and learn techniques to heal or enhance your relationship.

Family Therapy

We are committed to facilitate healthy dialogue among diverse families, including blended, multi-cultural, adoptive, LGBTQIA, foster, only-child or a close-knit chosen family. Our team will work with you
to find ways to reduce conflict, heal trauma and build
understanding, ensuring all feel respected and heard.

Group Therapy

Our therapists design groups based on your needs. We develop inclusive spaces to learn new techniques that
help change attitudes and behaviors that prevent you from having a life of quality that you deserve.

Why choose Relationship or Family Therapy

Our therapies can help overcome interpersonal conflicts that arise, helping you stay focused on your goals, talk through concerns or misunderstandings with a neutral perspective, and improve relationships with those you love and care about.

Could your relationships benefit from therapy?