Relationship & Family Therapy

Even healthy relationships can benefit from therapy. Learn more about how 26Health’s relationship and family therapy can help you feel more connected to those you love.

Even the most loving relationships can have challenges that require relationship and family therapy. Family and romantic relationships can be challenged by outside factors like work, finances, or the effects of a global pandemic. Internal issues can include parenting, communications, emotional issues, and more.

Relationship therapy can help you resolve interpersonal conflicts that arise in a romantic relationship. Family therapy can give families a space to address their concerns, be heard, and resolve conflicts. So you may ask yourself:

Could my relationships benefit from therapy?

26Health offers a range of relationship and family therapy including talk therapy, counseling, and support groups.

Relationship Therapy

When we say “relationship therapy,” we are referring to romantic relationships. A broad range of couples can benefit from relationship therapy: same-gender couples, long-married couples, engaged couples, dating couples, or couples with open relationships or multiple partners, for example.

Some issues that can affect romantic relationships are financial disagreements, parenting frustrations, lack of affection or compassion, infidelity, emotional issues, outside factors like work or extended family pressures, substance abuse, and more.  

All of our 26Health therapists are trained in supporting your romantic relationships in daily practice. We also offer a relationship group where our clients can engage with each other to learn skills to enhance their relationships.

Family Therapy

A host of issues can affect the health of family relationships. No family is immune to conflicts created by death or illnesses within the family, miscommunication between family members, parenting, or finances. In addition to these issues, our LGBTQI+ clients may have additional family relationship issues with family members who lack empathy or are otherwise struggling to understand or accept our clients. And our adoptive families also face challenges unique to their situation.

26Health is proud to offer family therapy for all of these types of families, where all members feel heard and respected. This reduces conflict, heals trauma, fosters understanding, and gives each member of the family a greater sense of self within the family system.

In addition to our relationship and family therapy sessions, we offer group family therapy options as well. For example, 26Health Adoptions has a parenting support group for new and old parents to uplift one another in their parenting journeys. Children also have their own group that allows them to share their experiences while gaining insight into their relationships with their parents.

Could your relationships benefit from therapy?