Compassionate Mental Health Care for All Communities

Your Mind Matters

Everyone deserves access to mental health care, which is why we offer holistic services. Our dedicated team of licensed therapists, and board-certified practitioners provide treatment with the highest respect for you to help your journey towards greater well-being. From cognitive-behavioral therapy and family therapy, to talk therapy and psychiatric care, we offer a safe, confidential space that is always available and accessible to you.

Different Kinds of Counseling

From cognitive-behavioral therapy to couples counseling, 26Health is proud to say we offer a wide variety of therapy and mental health services. Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or just “therapy,” is delivered by our skilled, culturally-competent counselors. Half of our therapists are bi-lingual and bi-cultural and can provide services in Spanish. In therapy, people are encouraged to be curious and open-minded when it comes to better understanding their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

The 26Health Counseling Approach

We often take this approach with the goal of finding new perspectives and better ways to manage and cope with life’s challenges. Our counselors are trained in various therapeutic methods that are tailored to your needs, including cognitive-behavioral, solutions-focused, mindfulness-based, existential, humanistic, person-centered, motivational interviewing, crisis intervention, and expressive arts.

26Health Psychiatric Care

26Health also offers support for psychiatric care and the management of psychiatric medications. Our psychiatric provider will work with you to determine if medication is the right path and, if so, which medications will work best to address your specific needs and improve your overall quality of life. In addition to medication recommendations, many people will benefit from lifestyle medicine interventions, highlighting the important impact of sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and stress management on overall health and wellness.

Our therapy and psychiatric care services are confidential, compassionate, and accessible, regardless of individual financial situations.

There are many resources available if you, a friend, or a loved one are struggling with various addictive behaviors, including tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or food. 26Health’s Mental Health department offers counseling, support, and referrals to help with addiction issues, especially for those in the LGBTQIA+ community.