Your village starts with us, and 26Health Adoptions is honored to create families. Our licensed adoption agency is here to help and guide your journey with a genuine commitment to a compassionate, comprehensive, and supportive experience.

A Shared Gift of Love

Whether you’re considering adoption or looking to build or grow your family, our licensed adoption agency at 26Health provides support for birth parents and adoptive parents with sensitivity, clear communication, and integrity. We proudly assist all adoptive families, including same-sex couples, every step of the way.



Adoption Services

26Health’s adoption services are managed by caring and experienced professionals who understand all aspects of the adoption process. We offer home studies, pre- and post-adoption counseling, resources, and assistance in arranging the legal services necessary to conclude the adoption.

We are a safe and nonjudgmental space for birth parents and adoptive parents. We respect, honor, and follow your choices during this journey.

Streamline the Adoption Process

As an included service, we will guide you through the adoption process with understanding, sensitivity, and reliability. Our philosophy is based around one-on-one support during this sensitive time, and our well-informed staff will do all they can to make it as easy as possible for you. In accomplishing these goals, eligible adoptive and foster parents are provided with:

High-level clinical evaluations.

Thorough and professional home studies.

Counseling and training for parents and adopted children.

Highly qualified professionals (i.e. attorneys, physicians, etc.) to assist in providing various functions required during the adoption process.

26Health’s adoption team will complete your home study and all other pre-adoption requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

LGBTQIA+ Adoption

More and more birth parents are choosing same-sex couples for adoption. As reported on the 2000 Census, about 65,000 children lived with same-sex parents. In 2012, 110,000 children lived with same-sex parents — nearly a 100% increase.

Laws and the availability of a birth mother looking for same-sex couples both play a role in the adoption process.

Adoption Takes Time

Patience is truly a virtue when you are seeking to adopt a child. According to the National Adoption Foundation, adopting a child can take 6 to 18 months, while newborn adoptions could be nearly 2 to 7 years. Your 26Health adoption agent will help you weave together the threads of social, legal, and governmental issues.

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26Health Adoption Services is a Licensed Florida Child Placing Agency License Number: 100093563