26Health Careers

The professionals at 26Health are proud to offer top-notch healthcare to underserved, underinsured, LGBTQ+ and allied members of the Central Florida community. What started with a focus on LGBTQ+ health needs has evolved into a broader set of community and family health offerings serving Central Florida’s most diverse members. And the team at 26Health reflects that diversity. 

Our Commitment to Diversity

The 26Health Careers team is committed to having a professional, experienced, and qualified staff as diverse as our patients. We are transgender, gay, bisexual, Black, Hispanic, people of color (POC), male, female, gender non-conforming, and non-traditional family professionals. All generations of workers are represented here. If you’re looking to join 26Health, you can be assured of a welcoming environment. 

Professional Development: Inside and Out

26Health is also committed to the long-term development of our staff so we can grow and serve our patients with integrity. If you’re part of the 26Health team, we participate in your professional development by helping you to set and attain your professional goals. We are focused on helping you strengthen your skills and, in turn, contribute to improving Central Florida’s social conditions.

And there is a reason we are really good at creating a top-notch work environment. 26Health Careers also offers a program where our Patient Care team helps our patients obtain employment in companies and organizations across the Central Florida community. That professional development program is offered through group training sessions where we build and master new skills.

So you see, our commitment to patients easily crosses over to our commitment to a work environment that fosters good team health. And we must add, we have fun while we do it. Our team of professionals cares about each other as much as we care for our patients!

How does a 26Health career sound?