Our on-site pharmacy makes healthcare more seamless for 26Health of Orlando patients. Get your prescription before you leave the office.

Convenient, Personalized Pharmacy Services that Support Our Uninsured Patients

Our pharmacy, part of the Avita family, provides easy access to medications and treatments prescribed by our medical staff. Need your prescription filled after your 26Health appointment? The pharmacy is right down the hall, which means any questions or clarifications that need to go to your local healthcare provider can be answered within minutes. This is a marked improvement over traditional drugstore pharmacies, where the pharmacy calls your doctor then waits…and waits…for their office to call back. 

How many trips to the pharmacy do you want to make just to get one prescription filled? None? We’ve got you covered.

Can your pharmacy do all this? 

Another advantage over traditional Orlando pharmacies: if you have regular 90-day supplies of prescriptions that need refilling, the pharmacy at 26Health will mail your prescriptions anywhere, often including next-day service. With our pharmacy’s mail order services, you don’t even have to come into the office to pick up your regular medication, although when you do, don’t be surprised if the pharmacy staff greets you by name. We pride ourselves on personally knowing all of our patients and growing a relationship with you so we can better serve your healthcare needs.

Feeling Good and Doing Good

When you fill your prescriptions at 26Health, you also benefit our uninsured patients. Because of our tax-exempt status as a non-profit, we are able to participate in a national pharmacy savings plan that offers financial assistance and medications to eligible organizations at greatly reduced prices. We use that savings to pay for our uninsured patients’ care. It’s just one more way that you’re helping our community when you use the services at Orlando’s 26Health.

Want to get your prescriptions filled on-site?