Why Adoption?

The experience of being a parent can be intensely rewarding when achieved through adoption. Adoptive children and their parents form a unique bond, the child having been chosen, the parents making a choice to shepherd a life through this world when a biological parent isn’t able.

Begin Your Adoption Process with Us

26Health is the first completely inclusive adoption agency in Florida focused on LGBTQIA+ and ally families.

At 26Health adoption agency, we are committed to providing information on the adoption process. Providing loving, stable homes to children who need them and — when conditions are right for it — building meaningful relationships between adoptive and birth parents and the adopted child. Why adoption with 26Health? Because we offer the traditional range of adoptions — open, semi-open, and closed — customized to the desires and needs of the birth mother, the adoptive parents, and, when older children are involved, the children. And we offer the welcoming environment specifically needed by LGBTQ+ and ally parents. Acceptance is at the core of who we are as an LGBTQ+ health cooperative.

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The Adoption Process

From deciding to adopt, creating your adoption plan, working through the process and for a time beyond the adoption being complete, you can feel assured 26Health is with you each step of the way whether you’re a birth mom, adoptive parent or adoptive child.

Infant placements

For every infant adoption, we are committed to bringing the adoptive family and right birth mom together with a mutual feeling of confidence that their baby will be loved, secure and well-cared for all around. And we nurture all parties through the experience before, during and for a time after the birth.

Placing older children

There can be great joy in adopting older children. At 26Health, we are an adoption agency with relationships with agencies in Florida, California and Texas who help us identify older children in need of adoption. We also often place older siblings. These adoptions can be so rewarding as these children often have the greatest need.  

Protecting and caring for adoptive children… 

Our priority is ensuring adoptive babies are cared for from pre-birth, through the birth process and beyond when they are placed with a loving family. We offer the same support for the many older children and siblings we place.

…For adoptive parents

The adoption process can feel overwhelming. That is why we first work with you as an adoptive family or parent via a home study which helps us explain the adoption process and helps you set your expectations, desires and plans for adoption.

…For birth mothers

For a birth mother seeking an agency to support her through her pregnancy, birth and adoption of her baby, we are committed to finding the right loving family you can feel will nurture your baby from birth through life.

Nurturing the adoptive family after adoption

There can be a time after the adoption process where both the adoptive family and the birth mother may feel overwhelmed by the emotions connected to adopting a child and placing a child in a loving home. Count on 26Health to be there for you with supportive services few agencies offer.

Are you considering adoption?

Your Village Starts with Us

As an adoption agency in Florida, we are here to support the journeys of creating families. Keep in mind there may be differences in each adoption experience, including for same-sex couples.

Whether you’re looking for a home study or to start the adoption process, we are here to offer compassion, expertise, and guidance through the process regardless of age and sexual orientation.

Adoption takes commitment to create a family and grow with your child/children as your family matures. 26Health’s team of professionals will be here for continued support as you and your family grow.