Ways To Donate

Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. The scales of health inequality are unacceptable right now, you can help us tip those scales in support of the underserved and uninsured. When you give to our mission, you are helping your community access the care they deserve.

Leaving a Legacy

As a non-profit organization who fights for health equity, your donation makes a huge impact. Our funds are directed into our work on the ground, mobile care hub and advocacy work with our incredible partners to create a better world for those in need.

We were founded over a decade ago to transform the health care landscape for LGBTQIA+ communities who faced continuous barriers in receiving quality care and treatments. Our collective grew as more people joined our mission to show more humanity in healthcare by prioritizing inclusion and respect.

Your donations help expand our services, mobilize relief, provide vehicles that bring vital primary care directly to homes & workspaces, increase funding to support uninsured families, create provisions for those facing food insecurity, offer emotional support, and more.

You make this possible.

You help us ensure no person in need gets left behind.

Donate Money

Help people access the care they need by standing with every letter.

Donate Time

Volunteer with us and help us
reach more people in the community.

Donate Food

Contribute to our pantry to combat food insecurity.

Donate through Sponsorship

Partner with us for your corporate social responsibility programs.

Donate Bags

Give a lightly used suitcase to foster children through our program “A Bag of My Own”.

Are you ready to make an impact as a donor legacy?