Prospective Parents

Looking to adopt? Learn what steps prospective parents take in the adoption process.

For Prospective Adoptive Parents

Our service to prospective adoptive parents starts with our home study. This allows us to help you determine your expectations for adoption which start with whether you want an infant; an older child or even older siblings. Often adoptive parents find, during our home study, that they are open to a broader range of options than they thought — wanting to fulfill their desire to provide a loving home to children far more than any specific criteria or notion they had about traits their adoptive child should have.

Learning All About Adoption

We then provide a comprehensive suite of resources that can prepare you for parenthood: classes in adoption for babies and parenting adoptive children; advice on insurance, wills and other necessary documents for your adoptive child; the necessary paperwork in the state from which your adoptive child will come and more.

Your Protection

With 40+ years in the service of adoption, we are here to support your journey, but also to protect you as much as possible.

Sadly, there are less scrupulous persons who will try and get multiple adoptive parents to support an infant-birth-to-adoptive-parent situation. In this situation a birth mother may have promised her child to multiple parents to receive multiple fees. We work to protect you from this situation with our 40+ years experience and ability to suss out when this might be happening.

Also, birth mothers can change their mind about adoption at any time until legal consent to adoption is given, witnessed and notarized after the 48-hour consent waiting period post-birth. Again, our 40+ years’ experience helps us to minimize these changes in mind as we provide our birth mothers with counseling and support if they find themselves doubting their choice.

We consider our adoption for babies and parenting adoptive children support for the “birth triad” to be balanced and in service of adoptive parents, adoptees and birth mothers or parents.

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