Women’s Healthcare

Health Care for All Women

We see you for the woman you are, recognizing that you are more than a name on a medical chart. Our team offer comprehensive care for your unique physical, mental wellness and sexual health needs, to chronic disease prevention and menopause treatment.

We pride ourselves in offering range of healthcare services for all our male and gender expansive patients. Our providers offer expertise for your unique health needs from sexual health to chronic disease prevention.

Preventative Care

Yearly “well woman” visits catch smaller health issues before they escalate into big problems by looking at biomarkers of thyroid, heart, and glucose function. Mammogram referrals send you to our most trusted partners for your annual or acute scan.

Gynecological Care

Pap tests, birth control consultations and prescriptions, UTI care, and STI screening and treatment are all provided in a safe and comfortable environment here.

Menopause Care

While menopause is a natural phase of life and not an illness, its symptoms can still wreak havoc on your health. You have options. If your symptoms become severe, we can help you with the right mix of hormone therapy to relieve your hot flashes and improve your sexual health.


We can prescribe dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and in some cases, medication that can stop the progression of a condition that is so common in aging women.


We will help you develop a treatment plan that manages both the hormonal symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and combats its long-term effects. We’ll recommend healthy lifestyle changes, prescribe medication if appropriate, and facilitate services like hair removal, if desired.

Ready for a healthier you?