Psychiatric Medication Management

At some point in your mental health journey, you might ask yourself: “Is it time to try medication?”

If so, 26Health is here to help. We offer psychiatric medication treatment and management tools to ensure your health is supported by a plan uniquely personalized to you.

The Patient is in Charge

Speak to any 26Health mental health professional and they will assure you they will work with you on your psychiatric medication management. We are here to discuss, recommend, and prescribe medications; develop an ongoing treatment plan; and support your choices in implementing that plan.

From your first consultation, we work with you to assess not just your physical health, but also your activity level, social habits, diet, exercise, support networks, and all the components of your life that can impact your mental health. 

Our professionals will ask a comprehensive list of questions regarding your present mental health and any symptoms you may be having. We will also assess your physical health, relationships, social situation, family dynamics, work environment, and more. Plus, we will take a comprehensive history of potential indicators like trauma or genetic predisposition to mental health challenges.

All these factors are important in determining if you can be helped by and need medication, and also will help us recommend the type, dosage, and frequency of psychiatric medications. 

We also include holistic support in your medication recommendation, because we know a comprehensive approach to psychiatric medication management is important. Self-care, an appropriate diet, activity, and exercise, plus a regimen for engaging in positive social relationships and environments will be part of the plan. This could mean building a support network by looping in family members on your psychiatric medications so they can watch for any beneficial changes. 

But through it all, we will seek your ongoing feedback to ensure your psychiatric medication management is working for you in every way. Your expectation of the plan working is a powerful part of the plan. 

Maintaining Your Psychiatric Medication

Lots of patients worry about whether they will need medication all of their lives. They worry about side effects, stigmas, feeling like they “are their illness,” and more. 

But at 26Health we make a practice of using medication with a start low and go slow approach. And we prescribe non-addictive, non-habit-forming, as-needed medications as often as possible. From that foundation, we can ramp medication use up or down. When certain symptoms abate or go away entirely as you grow and change, we may recommend weaning off certain medications altogether.

What’s crucial is that we are part of your ongoing psychiatric medication management plan. Initially, we will meet with you every four to six weeks to assess your medications’ efficacy. Then we may transition to telehealth appointments and in-person meetings every three or four months. But no matter what, we ask that you share with us on an ongoing basis any changes that you believe relate to your medication–good and bad. 

Because we want a relationship with you that is open and judgment-free, we work with you to maintain agency over your mental health.

Would you like to understand how psychiatric medications can improve the quality of your life?