Need Affordable Coverage? Consider Our Concierge Health Insurance

by 26Health Staff

You might think of concierge medicine as a high-ticket choice available to upper class patients. Picture it: a fancy doctor eschews the pitfalls of insurance companies and directly charges a retainer to their well-heeled clientele in exchange for year-round care.

Now picture this: a health clinic with wide-ranging services offers affordable primary care, from preventative to diagnostics to treatment, but for a low monthly rate. The care is concierge-level: personalized, continuous, and invested.

What is Concierge Medicine?

The concierge medicine model is relatively new. The approach was established in 1996 by two doctors based in Seattle. As the team physician for the Seattle SuperSonics, one of the doctors, Dr. Howard Maron, believed luxury medical care should not only be available to elite athletes, but to anyone who could afford it. For patients, this would mean shorter wait times, more time with the medical provider (insurance-covered visits limit time with a patient significantly), and a more meaningful relationship between patient and healthcare provider.

Concierge medicine, which is also known as retainer medicine, membership medicine, cash-only practice, and direct care, has been controversial, accused of promoting a two-tiered health system that favors the wealthy.

The 26Health Approach to Concierge Medicine

At 26Health, we’ve adapted the model, incorporating the best of what concierge health insurance has to offer, and then made it affordable — ideal for those who cannot afford health insurance. Insurance through the Affordable Care Act can easily top $500 per person per month, which is out of reach for most Americans.

The 26Health Plan is $65 per month for an individual and covers primary care custom to all ages and stages of life, plus chronic disease management. Many diagnostics are included, and other testing services are offered at reduced rates. Prescriptions, which can be filled at the 26health on-site pharmacy are also offered at a reduced cost.

Is the 26Health Plan Right for Me?

That depends. Do you need attentive care that addresses your chronic conditions and primary care needs? Are you wanting a strong relationship with your medical provider? Do you live in Orlando or the greater Central Florida region?

Here are a few more markers that the 26Health Plan is what you’ve been looking for:

– You can’t afford comprehensive major medical coverage.
– You don’t qualify for major medical coverage.
– You’re waiting for other forms of coverage to begin.
– You’re underinsured.

Typically, these designations would exclude you from premium health services that most concierge health insurance companies offer, but not at 26Health. Our mission is to offer excellent health care to Central Floridians — so that’s all people living in the area, not just affluent Orlando residents.

Learn what our patients say about their 26Health experience:

“This place is amazing. The staff is so nice and the services they offer are top notch. I won’t go anywhere else!”

“Like a second family.”

“I have been a patient here for 6 months. I could not have found a better care group.”

“Fantastic people who really care about you and your well being!”

“Thanks to the therapists, doctors, nurses and everyone on the office staff for being so excellent.”

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