Professional Development Workshops

26Health is a community hub that supports your whole person. Check out these recent 26 Health professional development workshops hosted by us, attended by you that help you achieve your best self.

26Health Professional Development Workshops Shape the Best Version of You

26Health strives to be more than just a healthcare resource. We want to be a community hub that nurtures all of you, providing professional development workshops that enhance current skills and grow new ones. 

Here are some examples of past workshops we’ve offered to our local LGBTQ+ and allied community:

Career Counseling

Orlando-based career counselor Chad Brown, MBA, MA, LMHC, recently shared his services free of charge, hosting an Interview and Resume Workshop. Attendees could drop in for a complimentary resume review, expert interview advice, and connections to LGBTQ+-friendly companies that are hiring. 

Banking & Budgeting

We teamed up with BB&T and SunTrust to present an evening of Basic Banking and Budgeting, discussing everything that you need to know about setting yourself up financially the right way. No topic was too small for this workshop: we covered why you should have both a checking and savings account, how to set up direct deposit and automatic savings, and more. 

Name Change 

As anyone who has gone through it will attest, changing your name can be complicated–and convoluted. We hosted a free clinic that walked participants through the state and county legal processes for a name change, which include court orders, changing key forms of identification–drivers’ licenses, passports, birth certificates–and other documents. We outlined the process of getting medical letters from your health care providers, and the costs of making this change. If you’re wondering if you’ve checked all the boxes correctly for your name change, don’t miss the next one!

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