Do it now…I dare you.

by Rene Cotto-Lewis

How long will you wait before you demand the best of yourself?

Your best will not be determined by status, job title, educational degree, parents, society, or any other person. It is determined only by you. The fact is that so many of us have begun to rely on external factors like social media likes to tell us that we are great leaders.

Let me tell you a secret….

You’re Giving Your Power Away! Read that again!

Leadership has nothing to do with the world outside of you. What you see outside are the results of what starts within. Leadership is about becoming vulnerable enough to walk in truth. It’s about aligning with who and what you are, without the static sounds of the world that continuously bombard us for attention. To be a great leader, we must align our thoughts, words, and actions without fear. Leadership is demanding the best in you and others. To be great, you must set a standard for yourself, and that is what will determine the results you get. Your most powerful statements will not be made with words. They will come from the actions you take. Anyone can be mediocre, but to be a great leader, you must determine your standard and take action every day towards those powerful possibilities. It’s a decision defined only by you to move beyond fear and create yourself anew.

Commit, I dare you. In this world full of followers I dare you to lead.