26Health Board

The 26Health Board is designed to support our mission, and this passionate team of professionals facilitates action that ensures quality healthcare will be provided to Central Florida residents, including residents who can’t afford to pay for care.

26Health board

About Our Board

The 26Health Board’s composition is representative of the 26Health service area population and is responsible for policy development and strategic direction for the organization with the President/Interim CEO and Chief Operating Officer/Interim CEO charged with its execution.

Serving on the Board 


Orientation conducted by the Co-CEOs and the Board Chair covers the mission and vision of the organization, organizational structure, services, LGBTQ+ cultural competency, general policies, strategic direction, financial position, and board member responsibilities.  


As a governing board, the time commitments are minimal yet are strategically very important to our growth. As a grant- and operationally-funded organization, the board is not required to donate, solicit donations for, or organize any large scale fundraisers. 

We prefer applicants with either experience serving on a non-profit board or solid knowledge of how non-profit boards work, though this is not required.


Regular monthly meetings occur to oversee and approve the duties and responsibilities of the organization. Subcommittees meet individually as determined by the subcommittee chair and report back to the full board during the monthly meeting. The board holds a review-and-update retreat annually to discuss strategic planning for the next year, revise bylaw articles where appropriate, assess internal organizational strengths and weaknesses, and identify key initiatives that support the agency’s mission. During retreats, training and mentorship is provided by Rollins College’s renowned Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy and Nonprofit leadership.

Benefits of Serving

Serving on the 26Health is a prestigious position at a rapidly growing organization that meets the needs of our community in a unique way. We are blessed to have the ability to include organizational participation and high-level sponsorship with most major LGBTQ+ events and organizations in Central Florida, providing unique and intimate access to the community at large.