26Health Appoints New Interim CEO 

by 26Health Staff

26Health’s Board of Directors has named Latrice Stewart as the new interim chief executive officer of the award-winning healthcare nonprofit organization, effective immediately. 

Stewart, who was appointed as 26Health’s chief operating officer in March 2024, brings to the table three decades of executive healthcare experience. She also has a proven history of impressive leadership, including previous CEO roles at well-known healthcare organizations and centers in Central Florida.

“This is a pivotal time for 26Health and the community as the need grows for health equity in Orlando and beyond,” said Board Chair Dr. David J. Hardrick, “I have full confidence that Latrice will be able to step in and continue to help us fill those gaps in our underserved communities.”

As the Interim CEO, Stewart will work to ensure a seamless transition while emphasizing 26Health’s continued commitment to all-inclusive medical and mental healthcare needs for the community. 

Stewart said, “I’ve already had the pleasure of jumping right in with an exceptional team of partners, providers and staff members to make sure every single need of our patients is met with the remarkable service only 26Health can provide. The work continues and it is an honor to help lead this organization at a time when several positive initiatives are on the horizon for our stakeholders.”

Since 2011, 26Health has been at the forefront of compassionate and expert healthcare for the LGBTQIA+ community and will continue to focus on every letter in all communities. That means primary care, mental health counseling and HIV/STI testing for the uninsured and underinsured, regardless of their ability to pay.