Our Team

Sharon White

Patient Care Coordinator

Sharon White still considers herself as being recent to the Central Florida area having been here only a year. She and her little family of three moved down from St. Louis, Mo after graduating with an Associate’s degree in Human Services and a certification in Addictions Studies. Sharon began her career in customer service where she spent the last 8 years working for one of the top rental car agencies. During her time there, she also interned at various nonprofit organizations including an outpatient detox center and an employment case management center. This is when she realized her true passion for helping people around not only herself but in the community as well. It has always been her dream to give back to her community and help break those generational stigmas/curse to create more healthy families being able to openly communicate amongst each other. Currently, Sharon is pursuing to further her education with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is looking forward to becoming a household name with 26Health.