Our Team

Thelma Serrano

Mental Health Counselor


Thelma Serrano was born April 3 in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico where she grew up until she took her education to the United States. She attended college in Virginia, where she attained her BA in Psychology and Sociology. She later moved to Florida, where she settled in and raised her 2 children, Joshua and Jaimie. While raising her kids, Thelma managed to work multiple jobs as a single mother and still study to earn her MS in psychology and counseling with Troy University.

Thelma has over 30 years of experience in the field of psychology and counseling. Throughout her career, she’s established a lengthy resume of work. She began her career as a school guidance counselor and since then, her career expands to a multitude of positions. In 2016, Thelma proudly accepted an opportunity to work as an outpatient therapist in Alaska, where she lived for 2 years. Upon moving back to Florida, she has gone on to work as a substance abuse counselor, clinical program director and clinical therapist.

Thelma volunteered as a firefighter in Orlando and in Alaska, she is scuba certified, enjoys outside activies, movies and family time as well as time her her two cats and her one year old dog

Thelma’s career is driven by the simple pleasure of helping people and aiding in the progress of mental health. She takes pride and joy in contributing to an organization that shares those same core values.