Our Team

Rene Cotto-Lewis

Affiliate Relations Coordinator

As a recognized and respected leader at both the state and national levels, Rene Cotto-Lewis brings unparalleled expertise to coalesce business and community partners alike. With a mind for operational excellence and a passion for the people behind the care, Rene brings more than fifteen years of experience and leadership in the health care and nonprofit sector. In 2015 Rene along with his husband Frederick Cotto-Lewis was featured in the national LGBTQ magazine The Advocate for the Kiss of Florida to help bring awareness to marriage equality. Rene began his career as a Family Care Counselor at the Orange County Health Department, eventually serving as the Adherence Counselor of Sunshine Health Clinic where he oversaw the Adherence Program for the Orange County Health Department as well as, therapy, patient education and pharmacy for individuals living with chronic illnesses. In 2014 Rene as Marketing Director was instrumental in transforming a local retail pharmacy into a nationally recognized multi-faceted specialty pharmacy health care organization. He has served as a member of the Orange County Ryan White Planning Council appointed by the Mayor of Orange County. Rene has also served as Vice-President of the Board of Trustees at a Spiritual Center and is Co-Founder with his husband Frederick of Authentic R.A.W. Spirituality an online non-denominational spiritual community that is a no holds bar grounded approach to spirituality that is real, rigorously honest and practical. As a result of his passion to help others, he continues to be an advocate in the community and to use his insights at 26Health Services to empower clients and partners be progressive innovators in life and the care we provide.