Our Team

Milena Ofsowitz

Business Office Specialist Lead

Milena Ofsowitz (she likes to be called “Lena”) graduated as a Trilingual Executive Assistant and received her postgraduate in Quality and Excellence in Customer Service in Brazil. Lena arrived in the US in 2018 to spend her vacation and learn English, as it was a dream since she was a child to speak English fluently, but something more than special happened (she got married) and she never went back to Brazil.

Before arriving in the US, Lena worked for large multinationals (Petrobras and Samsung), doing what she loves most: interacting directly with people. Her life’s passion is, without a doubt, helping people, and that’s why she saw the best opportunity to grow personally and professionally at 26Health. Lena was born and raised near the beach, and the best place in the world for her is Sarasota, FL, where she has the opportunity to go to relax and recharge her energy on the weekends and holidays.