Our Team

Fred Cotto-Lewis

Patient Care Coordinator

Frederick Cotto-Lewis is a native to Orlando, born and raised in the City Beautiful. He has used his personal experiences in his work as a Recovery Specialist, HIV Advocate, and Outreach Coordinator to help others transform their lives. In 2017 Frederick received the \”Unsung Hero\” award in recognition of his outstanding advocacy in HIV/AIDS prevention and Treatment for the Black Community and Communities in general from the Multi-Cultural Addictions Network, Inc. and the Central Florida NBHAAD Planning Committee. With discipline and persistence, Frederick has been an example of the possibilities that are available to all when we move beyond the labels that are placed on us. Using his experience as someone who was once homeless, a recovering addict, an ex-convict and an individual living with HIV Frederick extended himself into the community, providing hope where there was fear. For over 10 years Frederick has committed himself to empower those among us who most need inspiration. Working with 26Health and community partners he has been a bridge between providers and clients engaging them to remain in care, get tested for HIV and start PrEP. In his work, he has addressed various issues that have been barriers for clients and through his dedicated efforts continues to help clients’ access medical, emotional, economic, and social services. “I love to share my hope, strength, and recovery when we are willing to face our truth we begin the road to self-love. It only happens when we keep it real, keep it simple and keep it honest, that’s my attitude.”