Pediatric Healthcare

Support for every letter. That includes C – children. 26Health supports the health and well-being of our patients in every developmental stage with personalized, empathetic care.

Complete Pediatric Care for Every Child

26Health in Orlando, Florida, offers 360 health services for your LGBTQ+ family. It’s a privilege for us to travel with you on the journey as your family grows. From infancy to the teen years, our staff offers high-quality, affordable, one-stop care for everyone.

Annual Physicals

Ensure that your child’s development is on track by having yearly visits with our primary care practitioners. We will assess their growth, social and motor skill milestones, vision, hearing, and overall health condition.  

Newborn Care

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 8 doctor visits for newborns during the first year of life: once each during the first and second weeks, then at 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months. We’ll take measurements to see how your baby is growing, test for developmental milestones, and observe your baby’s behavior. During these appointments, we’re also checking in with you, to make sure you’re adjusting to the demands of parenthood.

Minor Acute Care

Next time your child needs a flu vaccine or has a stomach bug, rash or bite, fever, food allergies, allergy symptoms, sore or strep throat, rheumatic fever, common cold, flu symptoms, pink eye, or ear pain, come see us. Rather than going to an urgent care clinic or any other walk-in facilities, give us a visit and we promise that you’ll see the difference.

Asthma Treatment

Managing the wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath associated with pediatric asthma means developing and adhering to a treatment plan. This plan usually includes long- and short-acting medications and reduction of asthma attack triggers. We’ll also monitor any underlying conditions that are causing the inflammation. 

Skull Examinations

Are you concerned that your child has incurred a head injury? Bring them in so that we can assess their bumps, bruises, and cuts for a concussion or skull fracture. 

Sports & Back-to-School Physicals

We’ll get your child’s required sports physical and school forms filled out efficiently so you and your family can enjoy the back-to-school season. 

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