Interpretation Services

Care in Every Language

Imagine trying to discuss personal health issues with someone who speaks a different language.

Imagine choosing healthcare services or making healthcare decisions with a language barrier in the way of good advice.

Imagine trying to read test results written in a language other than your own.

While the majority of local residents speak only English, 26Health cares for the full 100%. Within a mile of our Orlando city centerpiece Lake Eola, dozens of languages are spoken.

25% of Orlando speaks multiple languages or no English at all. From Portuguese to Polish, Vietnamese to Swahili, Orlando is incredibly diverse. We’re here to help bridge the language gap to facilitate the highest quality medical care. 

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Our bi-cultural and bilingual staff (some are fluent in Español, Portuguese & Kreyòl) are available to meet the language needs of our patients and clients. 26Health offers medical interpretation and translation services in and out of Central Florida, meeting the needs of local and remote patients.

For additional information about 26Health’s medical interpretation and translation services, please contact us at 321-800-2922 or send an email in your native language.