Gender-Affirming Care and Transition Support

26Health provides gender-affirming care and transition support to help ensure your thoughts, emotions, and life are in alignment with your gender identity at every stage.

At 26Health, we understand that when your assigned-at-birth gender does not align with the true you, getting the right transition support makes all the difference. That’s why we have built our practice around gender-affirming care and supporting the needs of transitioning patients.

26Health of Orlando is here if you are looking for:

  • Hormone treatments
  • Gender-affirming surgery
  • Treatment for body dysmorphia
  • Community

The Goal of Gender-Affirming Care

Our goal is to ensure your thoughts, emotions, and life are in alignment with your gender identity at every stage. Many in our community are affected by gender dysphoria, a medical condition that can occur when discomfort or distress exists with your gender assigned at birth. Other side effects that may cause you to feel out of alignment with your gender identity are depression, anxiety, and trauma from outside factors and mental health problems brought on by factors related to transitioning from your assigned-at-birth gender to the gender that is yours.

When It’s Time to Transition

We believe counseling and therapy to support surgical and other medical procedures related to gender-transition can help with body image and other mental health symptoms that may accompany your transition process. It is not uncommon to experience periods of depression or anxiety related to the dramatic change, before, during, and after transition. Our counseling and therapy can help you navigate those periods, and additional psychiatric support like medication can be recommended and prescribed as needed. 26Health takes a holistic approach and looks at your diet, activity, wellness supplements, and socialization to help you build a full suite of transition support.

Medical Support During Transition

We are a comprehensive care center. Our therapists are trained to help recognize whether transgender people may have medical support needs. You may, for example, require a gender marker letter from a physician to change your driver’s license or a birth certificate. Or, you may wish to try hormone therapies as part of your transition. We can refer you to our internal medical professionals or other Orlando community resources as needed to obtain these items.

Looking for support during your transition?