Chronic Health Conditions

Managing your long-term conditions through a single point of contact at 26Health can result in better long-term outcomes for your health.

Chronic Conditions Need Specialized Support 

As part of the primary care services we offer the community, 26Health helps LGBTQ+ and ally patients in Orlando manage their chronic conditions through testing, health education, and specialized care. When you become a patient in our integrated healthcare system, you become part of a team, which includes a primary care provider and a registered nurse. Your primary care team actively coordinates your care, connecting the dots between all your medical services: exams, lab tests, medical imaging, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Though making your visits more convenient certainly is a benefit, this approach doesn’t just streamline your healthcare. Because chronic diseases often interact with each other in highly individualized ways, managing your long-term conditions through a single point of contact can result in better long-term outcomes for your health. 

Your primary care team will also pay attention to emotional and lifestyle factors—such as stress, diet, substance use disorders, and high-risk sexual behavior—that affect your health, immune system, and could complicate chronic conditions. If you and your provider decide that you need counseling or mental health services, having all our medical services in one building means that can happen quickly and seamlessly. Need a prescription? That’s right down the hall. Need a referral? We’ll send you to our vetted network of specialists.

We also offer medical marijuana consultations to those with qualifying illnesses or medical issues under Florida state law. Cannabinoids, the active agent in medical cannabis, can relieve pain and anxiety and improve memory and movement.

We frequently treat patients with these chronic conditions: 

Heart disease


High cholesterol

Type 2 diabetes 

Thyroid gland care

Difficulty losing weight