Healthy Skin Month

by Brandi Concolino

What can you do to maximize skin health and fight aging?

Here are some very important steps that we can all do right now:

  1. SPF- I cannot stress enough how important this is to keep healthy skin! We live in Florida and sun damage is one of, if not the largest cause of premature aging of the skin. Using sunscreen daily decreases the speed of the skin’s aging process by 24%.

  2. Invest in medical-grade products- To be called “medical grade”, products have to be sold under a physician and they have to contain 99% active ingredients. Which means you’re getting more concentrated products that are deeper penetrating. More money goes into the research and development of these products with less synthetic additives and more active ingredients, giving more effective results for healthy skin.

  3. Cleanse your face…twice. The first time will remove the surface oils, make-up, and dead skin. The second will get into the pores for a deeper clean.

  4. Use a serum. Vitamin C is key to use as an antioxidant to prevent aging because it helps with collagen production and storage.

  5. Use a retinoid (vitamin A). This increases the production of collagen and stimulates the production of new blood vessels in the skin, and can also fade age spots and soften rough patches.

  6. Don’t use the same moisturizer in the morning and nighttime. You don’t always want the heavy moisturizer on your face during the day, so opt for a more lightweight one. Since we experience more water loss in our faces at night, save the heavier moisturizers for your bedtime skincare routine.

  7. Wash your face in the morning AND at night. We build up oils on the skin throughout the day and night and cleansing allows the products we put on it to be better absorbed.

  8. Stay hydrated!! Water is good for our entire body, especially our largest organ…our skin. It helps with circulation and helps rid the body of toxins, giving the skin a more even tone and radiant glow.

We can all implement these steps into our daily routines to obtain healthy skin. If you have any questions or want to discuss how we can get your skin to look its very best, contact us!


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