Authentically Happy

by Evelyn Luciano

When asked to write a piece on happiness, the response was the desire to write on authenticity. Both go hand in hand. Being true to oneself can truly define our happiness. Today, we have a myriad of stimuli and information that pours into our psyche. Things like environment, people, technology, location, and society all contribute to this. It’s up to us to find what we are truly comfortable with and what makes us happy in order to be authentic!

Living Purposefully

For some, it may take longer than others to find the space of authenticity. As human beings, we evolve and grow through our experiences. It is like peeling an onion to get to the core. We have “a-ha” moments that reveal a new layer to who we are. We discover what we believe, what we value, what is best for us, and what makes us happy. Is your life reflecting your desires and making a positive impact internally on your well-being and externally in your relationships? Honesty is key.

Living authentically happy is finding one’s essence and purpose and living it to the best of one’s ability. You do not need to go on a retreat to the mountains for days to find yourself. No. It means that each day we can look within and ask “How can I be authentically happy today!?” letting go of the fears and reservations about the outcome. Re-frame the “have to” with “I choose to” and move forward.

The pressures and stress we place upon ourselves on a day-to-day basis impact our well-being. I invite you to take a moment to consider peeling the onion, one day at a time. Every person is unique, with the potential to make a difference through attitude, actions, and words. Living a life that is authentic and purposeful is a happy life!

Ready to Start Living Authentically?