26Health Events

Be a part of 26Health events, where community is built, information shared, and funds are raised.

What 26Health Events Do For You

26Health events are more than just a good time. Our number one goal at each event is to amplify your voice so that the rich, lasting, and vibrant culture of the LBGTQ+ and ally community is ever more prominent in the greater Central Florida community.

26Health Events

Each year, 26Health hosts numerous special events, our flagship being the Teal Tie gala. 

Teal Tie

What’s it all about? GRATITUDE

This is a “thank-you-raiser” which comes with the low ticket price of “Free.” It’s a formal masquerade, but with a twist: instead of black tie formalwear, the event theme is teal and fuchsia. Your only obligation is to show up, ready to have an unforgettable night.

Kickoff party for Transgender Awareness Week

What’s it all about? DIGNITY

Each year between November 13 and 19, we participate in Transgender Awareness Week to help increase the visibility of transgender people and address issues members of the community face. We keep it fresh with a range of appealing activities, whether its a trans drag show at Southern Nights or a roller skating party at Astro Skate Center.

Family Pride Gatherings 

What’s it all about? NURTURE

The variety is endless: We’ve hosted families at Fun Spot and organized an indoor carnival with giant, lifesized games and drag queen storytime. The whole family is welcome for a time of joy and togetherness. 

Gay Days Kickoff

What’s it all about? CELEBRATION

Gay Days at Walt Disney World is informally celebrated in early summer each year. The LGBTQ+ and ally community builds up to a single day at Disney — the first Saturday in June — with parties and events around Central Florida throughout the preceding week. 

Join us for karaoke hosted by our own Dr. David. 

Happy Hours

What’s it all about? AWARENESS

Join us for intimate gatherings where we honor awareness days that are crucial to the LGBTQ+ and ally community. 

Testing and Patient Care Events

What’s it all about? WELLNESS

Throughout the year, 26Health hosts HIV testing events and patient-care activities. 

Community Events Sponsored by 26Health

Check our calendar for central Florida events sponsored by 26Health. From the Zebra Coalition 5k to the Orlando Youth Empowerment Summit (OYES) to One Magical Weekend, there’s something for everyone. 

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